Gangsta rap

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He likes to listen to classical music when he drives, because everyone thinks he he’s listening to rap. When he pulls up to a drive-thru and Bach is booming behind him, he smiles. Silently, he’s telling them “I’m black (but) I’m classy”.

Another friend of mine wears suits and listens to hardcore hip hop. He likes the idea that everyone thinks he’s listening to classical music, or country. In his head he’s saying “I’m white (but) I’m cool”.

They’re trying to defy stereotypes, break the mould, define themselves as they choose, so that’s cool. Maybe they’re culturally appropriating each other for the sake of status, mistakenly believing that the music will reflect what’s on the inside. Still, that’s not so bad. Hopefully they have other ways of playing to the joke idea of music belonging to any one race. They probably have lots of other ways to prove that they’re different, but in the end who cares? After all, music isn’t everything.


Author: Sandra C. Hannebohm

Political science major, some french and a lot of concern about the state of things.

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